Monday, 15 December 2014

Dirty Vibe - Skrillex feautring Dilpo, G-Dragon and CL Review

Hello loves! Sorry for my long absence from posting, I have spent my last week and a bit in a hellish state of sickness where iv'e just about blown my entire body weight of disgusting gooey substance out of my nose. Regardless, I will be reviewing Skrillex's "Dirty Vibe" featuring some of my personal favorites.

'Dirty Vibe' is an entirely new sound for CL and GD, mostly because the entire song is sang in English as opposed to Korean. Because people are afraid of this new change of course it was to cause an inevitable shit storm.

YG is not affiliated with this project by any means, so people thinking this is some form of YG blasphemy it's not. CL is set to start her US debut under the management of Scooter Braun, who manages many successful artists today such as Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. So - I guess you could say this is CL's debut song to break into the Western market.

Both GD and CL had heavy rap parts in the song with explicit language which (mind mine) was fucking awesome if you ask me, although some didn't seem to appreciate it.

You're always bound to get those probable 12 year olds who whine that "o mg CL has changed so much!!!!!!!!!!!! she ruining 2ne1!!!!" but let's be real guys, what is wrong with someone wanting to push themselves out of their comfort zone? CL is a fluent English speaker and an all around awesome artist, why should she be stuck in the confines of South Korea? To those people I say:

As for the song going into it you know what to expect because after all this is Skrillex's song, so you know to expect a dance type of song which was not any exception with 'Dirty Vibe' CL and GD's rapping did not disappoint, they both did really well in their respective parts, although Westerners didn't seem to agree.

Obviously if you don't listen to k-pop you probably wouldn't get CL and GD's style of rapping, so the rapping parts weren't exactly pleasing Western listeners. But in contrast if you listen to only k-pop you're not really going to get the music because it is very different to what you're used to, I mean nobody ever really ever says "motherfucker" or "bitch" in k-pop so you'd probably be a little shocked. This is one that's very difficult to please everyone with.

Evidently this isn't going to be some inspirational song we can all gather around and pray to but for what it is I thought the song was fun, granted I probably wouldn't listen to it on loop and it wasn't my favorite track either of them have ever produced, but you know those days you feel like an absolute badass mother trucker and you just need that song to get you hyped up? Dirty Vibe will be my go to song. It was really awesome to see CL and GD be able to try something new and feel free to let loose so I really liked the song in that respect.

The MV alone was very fun and colourful which was totally enjoyable to watch. It was lively, out there but still really cool and fresh. I mean, CL with a wall of squirt guns how can you go wrong?

And yes CL you are my lesbian crush.

Watch Dirty Vibe here:

*side note* sorry if I didn't cover Skrillex or Dilpo's part enough i'm not exactly equipped to handle that aspect as I really don't listen to dubstep music, so I couldn't really comment :)

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