Monday, 24 November 2014

November Favourites

Although November has been a relatively slow month for me I have still found some gems that I want to share, so long and behold my first favorites!  

While I Stay Secluded - Knuckle Puck 

Knuckle Puck is one of my all time favorite bands so needless to say I was overjoyed when I heard they were releasing a new EP. I adore every track on this EP, they certainly did not disappoint. The EP has the same trademark style which is punk but still very raw, which I adore.   

In The Lonely Hour - Sam Smith 

Now not to sound 'hipster' or whatever you want to call it but, i'm one who tends not to care for Western mainstream music or mainstream artists for that matter. You've probably heard Sam Smith's Stay With Me or I'm Not the Only One on the radio as I did. I liked 'Stay With Me' when I heard it first, I thought it was a pleasant change from all the songs about ass. Prior to downloading 'In The Lonely Hour' i'd heard a few live performances from Smith and I was admittedly startled by how much talent he had, so I guess you could say that was the tipping point for me to download the album. This was one of the best decisions iv'e made in a while. Sam Smith's voice is something so special, full of love and soul. 'In The Lonely Hour' is a devastatingly beautiful album, every track soulful and blatantly beautiful. If I could recommend only one thing my list of favorites, this would be it. If you haven't already checked it out do yourself a favor and please do.  

First Sensibility - B.A.P

As far as Korean pop groups go, B.A.P was sort of on the back burner for me. I really enjoyed Warrior and No Mercy but that's about as far as I ventured. I had most of their music in my iTunes library but I never really touched it. After scrolling through episodes of Eric Nam's After School Club I found an episode featuring B.A.P so I thought what the hell, I like some of their songs so why not watch. After absolutely falling for them as people especially Daehyun *wink wink* I went straight back into my music and starting listening to First Sensibility. 'First Sensibility' is they boys' first ever full length album and most mature sounding for that matter. The album is light and fun certainly not as hardcore as 'Warrior' or any of their earlier tracks, but it's a refreshing change and iv'e been enjoying listening to this album throughout November.

Bad Gays Club 

'Bad Gays Club' is a mini series on YouTube starring many popular gay youtubers including Miles Jai, Kingsley and Davey Wavey. The series seems to be a mock of a reality type of show in which all the youtubers live in a house together. The series is absolutely hilarious and so clever. Each episode runs for about 5-10 minutes and they are all equally entertaining. If you need a bit of a laugh I would highly recommend this series as it is my favorite series/videos on the entirety of YouTube. 
Watch it here: 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 

I usually like to keep a short 20 minute sitcom recorded on my Foxtel for something quick to watch in the mornings while i'm eating my breakfast. I had Full House on series link for a while, but as time progressed it became corny and painful to watch, needless to say I grew out of that one quickly. 111Greats had advertised they were going to start showing 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' and a few friends of mine watched it and enjoyed it so I thought it might make a suitable replacement for 'Full House' The show follows Philadelphia teenager Will Smith (and yes Will Smith is played by the actual Will Smith) who gets into a fight and is then sent to live with his wealthy relatives in Bel-Air to stay out of trouble. The show is light, funny and actually has a lovable protagonist for a change. So far i'm really enjoying the series and i'm keen to see more.


A little random but I though why not include a human favorite? My months human favorite is none other than k-pop goddess, CL from 2NE1. 2NE1 is by far my favorite Korean girl group and of course CL is my bias not just from 2NE1, but out of every female artist from Korea. I was starting to watch interviews featuring 2NE1 and I really began to resonate with CL as of late. I love everything that CL stands for, In Korea, plastic surgery is very common for not only female artists but male artists to undertake, CL's refusal to partake in altering herself for the business is something I really admire. CL promotes confidence within women through her solo music as well as within 2NE1 which I think is really important. CL discusses how she wants to be a "confident" icon that represents women and I think she's doing a damn good job. CL's longing to not keep herself in a box, break the norm and push herself to her limits is another among many amazing qualities she has. CL truly is the baddest female. 

There’s always a message in our songs. we want to let everyone know that there are people who sing about the power of women. We’re not saying to throw away one’s femininity, but to know that we’re not all delicate just because we’re women.

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