Thursday, 20 November 2014


The release of G-DRAGON and TAEYANG's collaboration with 'GOOD BOY' was an incredibly highly anticipated project as it is hyping up for the release of new BIGBANG music. Scrolling through the YouTube comments I was quite shocked at the amount of problems people had with the track itself and the music video.

The dancers in the video were not Korean, nor of any Asian decent for the most part, most of the dancers appeared to be American. Reading through the comments many people felt as though this was to connect with the American commercial market. Personally, I do not see an issue with using dancers that are not from your native country, it shows diversity. Would it be bad if BIGBANG wanted to break into the American market? Well that's debatable.

As well as this, many people felt the dancers in the video weren't up to YG Entertainment 'standards' was the dancing amazing? no, was it bad? no.

Because YG advertised 'GOOD BOY' as a hip-hop project many people felt let down by the track. Agreeable, GOOD BOY more than anything sounds like a dance or club track. This disappointed many people in the comments as they were not getting the track they'd hoped for. Although this is misleading, I actually really liked GOOD BOY.

Personally, I actually really enjoyed GOOD BOY even though it wasn't the hip-hop track YG had proclaimed it would be.

Straight away you either love or hate G-DRAGON's musical aesthetics, he is definitely not one for everyone. Although I love GD, some of his music is a little far out even for me. With GOOD BOY I feel GD wrote a very fun, dancy type of song, with a beat that's easy to move to.

The music video itself wasn't anything out of the ordinary or anything risqué but it was still incredibly fun to watch, what not with GD's glowing hair and all. The music video was full of fun fluorescent lighting, dancing and all that good stuff.

Whenever TAEYANG and G-DRAGON get together for a colab they're always great, GOOD BOY was no exception.

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