Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Death Note Review

If you watch anime, you've probably seen Death Note. If you have friends or family who watch anime you've probably heard of Death Note.

The plot trails incredibly intelligent teenager Light Yagami, who stumbles upon a peculiar notebook that he soon realizes has the power to kill people, simply by writing their name in the book. Light soon uses the power of the 'Death Note' to cleanse the world of criminals and re instate himself as the 'God' of the new world free of impure people. To the world he is known as 'Kira'

During Light's crusade, he finds himself being perused by quirky, genius detective 'L'. To create an alibi for himself, Light joins the Japanese task force who are in pursuit of Kira, along with his father who is the chief as well as L.  

Light's true identity is known to few, one being Misa Amane. Misa, a famous, love-struck model who worships Light and his persona as Kira. Misa gains Death Note of her own and decides to track down Kira to help in his quest for a purer world and to thank him for killing the man who murdered her parents. Misa becomes a valuable asset to Light, as she traded half her lifespan for the Death God eyes, meaning she can see anybody's name and lifespan just by looking at them, except someone who is in possession of a Death Note.

Because of how much hype Death Note had I was expecting this series to be amazing. A few episodes in I was hooked, The series was clever and intriguing. From episode one to about eighteen, I was absolutely flawed by how gripping the series was. I found myself not being able to put my laptop down and telling myself "just one more episode" at 3AM.

A few friends warned me as time went on the series started going downhill, and well they weren't wrong. After around half way I found it becoming a little bit repetitive and draining, plus the integration of lots of new characters so late in the series was sort of off putting. I then didn't have the urge to continually watch. You know how sometimes you really love a show to begin with but then you sort of loose interest and you feel obliged to watch? Death Note was like that for me,

However, in places it did spark my interest and pick up, slowly buy surely.Death Note was clever and concise with plot twists wherever you looked. Overall I did really enjoy watching Death Note and I wasn't entirely let down and I can see where the hype came from. Death Note wasn't my all time favorite anime but I thoroughly enjoyed watching.


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